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Accounting and Bookkeeping can never be easier, timely, and accurate. Our fully integrated smart tool, cloud-based Quickbook Online makes it possible to access business information from anywhere and helps streamline bookkeeping. It ensures minimal manual inputs and eases the process of invoices-making, requesting collections, etc. Our simple to use accounting system speeds up data entry process thereby saving time and man hours in a reliable way. Accounting and Bookkeeping services also include:


  • Properly analyzed financial information for accurate results and reported numbers.

  • Financial Statements reporting; Bank Reconciliation; Monthly Profit & Loss and Balance Sheets, Audit Engagements; Internal Control Audit, Financial  Analysis, Accountant / Bookkeeping Training & Guidance, QuickBooks Setup, Support and Installation of accounting packages.

  • Customized services to suit your business requirements as we function as your offsite accounting arm. We can also assist with bookkeeping or do it for you.


At reasonable fees we offer comprehensive taxation services. We ensure your entitlements and obligations are within the ambit of existing laws. We aid in preparation of regulatory filings and preparation of Income tax election forms for corporate companies, individuals, trusts and estates. With years of experience, we are well-versed with the CRA functioning to help you navigate the pros and cons of the process.


Our taxation services include:

  • Exploring the best possible manner to turn the latest tax laws to your advantage whether it is your entitlements or obligations, all the while remaining completely complaint.

  • Dedicated resources towards financial review of clients to design a sound tax plan.

  • Personal &Corporate tax planning, Annual Corporate Tax Return, CRA Correspondence; GST/HST Filings;  Tax Minimization / Deferral; Income Tax Audits; GST/HST; Payroll, WSIB Audits; Financial Statements; Family Trust; Preparing tax returns and agreeing tax liabilities with CA.


We process accurate and timely payouts on behalf of our clients and ensure appropriate remittances are made to CRA and other government agencies. By streamlining payroll and reporting processes expertly we make the tedious payroll tasks a hassle-free process for clients, all the while taking care of the minutest details.


  • We empower our clients motivate their workforce through timely salaries, wages and commissions. We make use of the best available technology to ensure that businesses are CRA compliant, and the deposits and remittances, accurate.

  • We aid and assist in managing payroll and maintaining payroll records, and if needed disburse them on the clients’ behalf after calculation of deductions. This leads to hassle-free management of employees’ salaries, wages, bonuses, net pay and deductions.

  • Our bureau services are offered keeping in mind confidentiality enhancement. We keep confidential, the payroll information of employees that many businesses find extremely beneficial.


To tackle surprises that life may spring, we offer diligent support on investments, both current as well as future. We arm you to counteract any uncertainties by helping in the growth and protection of your investments. Our resources are focused on educating and providing clients with the best possible options to pick from.


  • Numerous Insurance and Investment products are available today. This provides opportunities for customization of solutions that protects individual lives and savings.

  • This variety of products brings along many options that need to be duly understood and diligently managed or else there can be hindrances in your desired outcome. We provide packages with tools which customize investment products according to individual needs.


Whether you are starting your career, saving for the future, gearing up for retirement, or thinking about estate planning, we offer our services across areas to assist you in developing the right plan


We extend our expert knowledge of financial information to help clients make carefully calculated business decisions. We help clients sharpen their business acumen by correctly interpreting financial information which enhances their decision-making capabilities. As your facilitators & advisor, we get a thorough understanding your current business plan to help device a master plan for the future. We are amongst the top financial planners based in Hamilton, Ontario, Canada. Our highly personalized business and consulting services are focused on the needs and goals of the clients.


  • We recognize the needs and concerns of start-ups and growing businesses. Hence, our management & business consultancy practice provides end-to-end support services in management.

  • Quickbook Coaching specific to client industry and business is offered.

  • We focus on Cash Flows Analysis, Accounting Systems Design, Studies &Controls,


Financial management & Analysis, Business Planning,  Funds Raising, Risk Management, Pricing,  Cost Analysis, Operations Review, Management Audit, Personnel  Management services,  Production Management, Business Development Services, Mergers & Acquisition, and Takeovers.


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