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6 Reasons Why QuickBooks Online is Preferred Accounting Software

Running a small business can feel really overwhelming. With so many business aspects to think about, it can take a toll on you as the owner. Moreover, it has been observed that small businesses lack financial stability over time thus causing them to fail.

One of the main reasons for the financial downfall of small businesses is the lack of the right accounting and bookkeeping services Canada. This doesn’t provide the owners with a clear picture of their finances concerning expenses, earnings, profits, and losses. This lack of information causes the owners to lose sight of their business functions causing them to fail.

If you don’t want your small business to succumb to such a scenario, it is important to either outsource the accounting to an efficient accounting firm or get accounting software training for your current accounts staff.

Accounting software

One of the software that successful businesses use to keep their business finances in check is Intuit QuickBooks Online. Here’s why it is one of the most preferred accounting software in the business world.

  • The accounting software is cloud-based. This allows you to access your business account information from anywhere anytime. So, you have a complete idea of your finances at any given point in time.

  • You can find several resources offering QuickBooks training Canada to small business owners. This ensures you and your current accounting staff can get trained in using this software and use it to keep your finances on track.

  • QuickBooks can be easily integrated with any third-party application. For example, you can integrate it with apps like PayPal. This can quickly give you a view of any incoming and outgoing payments.

  • QuickBooks Online can also be downloaded on your mobile phones. This way you can access your business accounts at any time. You can also connect with your accounting team to quickly discuss any accounting discrepancies using your mobile application.

  • Moreover, most accounting firms and professionals use QuickBooks Online. If you decide to outsource your accounting to such a firm, transferring previous data will be extremely easy, saving you time.

  • Additionally, QuickBooks Online integrates with other QuickBooks products such as the QuickBooks Payroll. This can be beneficial if you want to automate payroll for your staff and keep track of it from an accounting perspective.

As you can see, QuickBooks Online is a highly beneficial accounting software to have for your small business. It will not only save your business from financial losses but will also help you maintain other business functions effectively such as payroll service.

At Lucky Idiake Financials, we use QuickBooks Online to provide accounting services, tax preparation, payroll services in Canada, QuickBooks training to our clients and more.

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