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The foundation and validation of our business credentials are rooted in the relentless support of our clients and their immense faith in us. We at Lucky Idiake Financials are committed to an unwavered spirit of hard work. Our core team comprises an amalgamation of talent and expertise required to serve our clients well.

Lucky financials is a Hamilton, Ontario based, locally invested and nationally connected, yet globally capable Canadian representatives of Lucky Idiake and Company (Chartered Accountants). Our national and international services give our clients access to more than 20  finest professionals in the field of finance. Our talent pool consists of seasoned professionals, management experts, financial planners, certified QuickBooks Pro advisors, seasoned chartered and certified public accountants with audit, accounting, and strategic planning experience.


We offer a full spectrum of business services including bookkeeping and accounting, taxation, business advisory & training, payrolls support, investment and insurance, corporate finance, transfer pricing, information technology, insolvency and restructuring. We serve domestic and foreign corporate groups, professionals and not-for-profit organizations across a wide range of industries, including Automotive, Manufacturing, Retail, Technology, Financial Services, Hospitality and Tourism, Real Estate, Construction, Entertainment and Health Care.

Choose Lucky Idiake Financials as a one stop shop for financial services and to plan your end-to-end financial strategies. Our services are custom-made to fit the financial requirements of all business models. With over 58 years of combined work experience behind us, we continue to cater to the financial, tax and business advisory needs of our clients to help their businesses grow and flourish. We have worked with reputed international accounting firm Ernst & Young, several banks, and organizations spread across a variety of disciplines.


Lucky Idiake is an Accountant, investments specialist, Management expert and life insurance advisor with over 30 years’ experience. He serves as a director of various companies and own the chartered accounting firm, Lucky Idiake and company which is renowned for providing financial advisory services for local and international companies. He is an influential accountant and have produced iconic advice leading to exceptional reporting, tax savings and funding for various companies including Atlantic Design and Idiembroidery Limited which are major players in the Embroidery industry in Sub Sahara Africa. Since arriving in Canada, a little over three years ago, he had worked with Sobeys Inc and marketed Sun life Assurance Company of Canada, investment and life insurance products with major accomplishments. He made significant contributions to achieving the company’s goals and objectives. His mission with lucky Financials is to offer a variety of services designed to help small and medium businesses in Canada to prosper. He wants to keep companies moving in the right direction by providing opportunities for them to utilize convenient and affordable outsourcing solutions through offering best practice bookkeeping & Accounting services. Additionally, he look forward to make life easier for business owners by taking care of tax planning and putting annual tax returns in order, thus leaving business owners with the ample time and energy to focus on what is important in driving their business.

And for leisure, Lucky is responsible for overall Business Development of Lucky financial, which doesn’t leave him with much leisure time. When he does have spare time, he spend it with his family. Together, they enjoy attending sporting events, charitable activities or other things that relaxes him such as playing games, spiritual reflections and watching movies. Lucky loves travel and enjoy some vine.

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